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Love and Learning in Italy

Happy Valentine's Day Eve from the Salento region of Italy! Though we now have a wedding anniversary in August, February 14th is the (unoriginal) anniversary of our first date, now five years ago. (We joked this week that it will still feel like the more important date until we've been married for at least 5 years.) For our previous four anniversaries, we've always made an effort to get out of town for a weekend and celebrate the relationship we're both really proud of, but of course this year looks a little different. Though we may not be spending the day itself in the most traditionally "romantic" way--sweating through manual labor on a farm and eating meals with people we just met who speak a different language--it's safe to say the romance in this shared experience cannot be beat.

Besides, Italy loves love! And why wouldn't you, in a lush, green land surrounded by sparkling blue water, with plentiful wine, sun, and carbs?

Our time in Italy so far…

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