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Several Countries Later...

It's been a while since we posted, but not at all because little has happened; we've been jumping around from place to place more rapidly than we were in previous months, covering 4 countries and now 7 cities since the beginning of March. We probably should have been writing and posting more frequently, but now it feels difficult to sum everything up in a post. I'll do my best.

I write to you today from our hostel in Bucharest. It's one of the better-rated hostels, and while the decor is cute, there's a "sky bar" attached, and the people are friendly and social, we've discovered it has more shortcomings than perks. We move to an Airbnb in a couple of days that is costing us the same price as our hostel dorm beds, but it wasn't available any sooner. I'm digging into the self I developed in our car-camping days; the one that can go about a week without a shower and still feel like a human. (There are technically 4 available shower stalls in our…

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