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Goals are good. So good, in fact, that Jill and I share around four thousand of them. Interestingly, many of these aspirations have fallen to the wayside in favor of accomplishing other more important things including (but not limited to): graduating, moving out of our college town, getting jobs...etc. I’ll admit, finishing school was a good idea, and we are quite proud that we did, but things never slowed down after school and it has felt as though the circumstances have taken charge while life is passing quicker and with less intent than either of us would prefer.

Everything is going decently well, on paper, with the jobs, friends, house, and general acceptance of all our new responsibilities (maybe not my parents’ yard so much) but there is still this overwhelming sense that we didn’t make any of our choices all the way, or rather, on purpose. Without even realizing it, Jill and I fell into a routine with way too many moving parts, and a lot of extra components that just feel… Su…

It's Happening

Andrew and Jill. Newly, "The Wander Blobs." Soon-to-be (husband and wife) travel bloggers. Since actually committing to our travel dream, hashing out our very preliminary plan, and spending an entire weekend finagling how to get our Google accounts connected to our blog connected to our Instagram connected to our actual thoughts and experiences (definitely still a work in progress), a new and exciting energy has taken hold for Andrew and I. Writing things down and organizing ideas has allowed our conversation surrounding travel to evolve while simultaneously creating a less-than-helpful distraction from wedding planning (which is... fine...) and the mundane parts of day to day life.

Andrew and I just celebrated four years of officially dating in February (yes, a Valentine's Day anniversary. We are indeed "those people") and are planning a wedding--currently rocketing towards us faster than we seem able to comprehend--in just about 6 months. Shortly after we get…