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DIY Day: Windows and Doors

Happy Sunday!

It's a small milestone weekend; this past Friday was Andrew's last day at work, which means several things:

1) We are actually doing the "quitting our jobs and going traveling" thing. The job has been quit. (Jill has about a week left at hers.)
2) Jill's dad has gotten to enjoy exclaiming about his "unemployed son-in-law living with them."
3) We now have so much more time TOGETHER to work on these damn DIYs!

Dodging storm clouds and odd bursts of surprisingly warm sunshine, we made some headway on a couple of projects in the Element this weekend. My--Jill's--project has been making blackout, insulated window covers for each window that are easy to use and effective. We'll be camping in a variety of climates, and will also be keeping our whole lives in our car, so blocking the view while also maintaining the internal temperature is the goal here.

It took minimal Internet searching to find that pretty much everyone with an RV/camper/…

We Do, and We Did!

Greetings loved ones! Life never seems to slow down, but we are now about T-minus 3 weeks until our departure. Things are starting to piece together, and it is maybe a tiny bit sinking in that we are about to leave on this crazy adventure...

The biggest recent accomplishment was our FREAKING WEDDING. What a huge undertaking, and the whole thing was a fabulous reward for all our hard work! Those of you who attended or sent your love and support from far away will be hearing from us directly, but we still can't thank you all enough! So here is another thank you. It was an awesome party, we could not have hoped for a better time.

(Though you stuck us with way too many leftover chocolate frogs...)

For readers who weren't present, a sum up of the wedding looks like perfect weather for a short-and-sweet ceremony under a gorgeous willow tree overlooking Commencement Bay, followed by a dancing-heavy Harry Potter themed cocktail party. Andrew and I shut down the dance floor (as any go…