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Paris Sans Regret

Paris is our first international destination on this trip, and knowing we were coming from two months of predominantly living out of our car, we decided a while ago that we would treat ourselves to a few weeks in an apartment to ourselves. We snagged our Airbnb deal 7 whole months before we hit the road... and paid for it at that time as well (when we were working 3 jobs between the two of us, aka, had an income).

But other than having a fully furnished home in a central part of town for 31 days, we are still tight-budget travelers. And especially for those of you who may visit Paris for closer to a week or two, we thought we'd compile all the ways we recommend enjoying this city as a tourist for very little spending. Paris has a reputation for being an expensive destination, and it certainly can be if you let it, but there are absolutely easy ways to be here for cheap!

Things to do in Paris for FREE Notre Dame (or any other cathedral) No matter what time of year you visit, there …

End of 2018 Reflections

The year 2018 is just about over, but we are only beginning. We are working on a post to fill you in on some of our adventures in Paris, don't worry, but we also wanted to take this time to reflect on the past twelve months, knowing that the next twelve have an awful lot in store for us.

I think, in summation, 2018 was a Year of Action for the Blobs. Enormous ventures (such as dropping everything after somehow scraping together enough money to survive abroad for a full year) can seem so insurmountable, it's hard to actually get it together and DO it, but this past year we did. Of course we doubted ourselves the whole way, as anyone would, but each time it seemed impossible, we shrugged and said, "Let's just try and see what happens anyway." We stopped talking about things as if they would eventually happen and began to proceed as though success was inevitable. The result? Success.

We always knew that in order to get a trip like this done, a lot of things needed …

Story Time: The Worst Plan with the Best Execution

From the very beginning, our plans have been shaky at best. We bought our plane tickets and reserved an Airbnb about a year in advance, decided to road-trip across the country so that we could actually make it to our ridiculously cheap flight, and then bought an everyday commuter car that also happened to be long enough for me to sleep in. Basically our attitude has been, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there!" all the way down to where we would sleep on our first night of the trip--something I decided approximately 23 hours prior to our departure. Wildly (and not really all that shockingly) this style of adventure has proven exciting and mostly effective, with minimal discomfort and distress. Honestly, I don't think most people plan their whole year out to the T. At any rate, we have been patting ourselves on the back for much of the time, and chalking it up to bad luck whenever things don't pan out perfectly.

Of course, there was one thing that we really, …