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Workaway: A Concept

Working holidays are a concept both well known and practiced in Europe, The UK, New Zealand, and Australia, to name just a few places, but based on the pool of Americans I have spoken to on the matter, the working holiday is something of a mystery in our homeland. Indeed, a cursory glance at the listings in our country shows that while there are just 1,700 hosts in all of the United States, there are approximately (I say approximate because a number of these profiles could no longer be active) 3,700 hosts in France alone. Needless to say, the supply of hosts stateside pales in comparison to the numerous opportunities overseas. While I am not entirely sure why this might be, I am certain of this: working holidays are a super fun way to travel while cutting costs and meeting cool people with different ways of life.
Logistics Though the internet is replete with work exchange opportunities in many countries, I have only ever needed or used the one: Workaway. When I first started this typ…

Day Trips in Switzerland

When we mentioned we would be visiting Switzerland to just about anyone before we got here, we were warned of how expensive it is. We planned ahead for this--though our budget is minuscule by most country's standards, let alone the most expensive country in Europe, it's possible to spend 3.5 weeks here without breaking the bank.

Our biggest strategy was utilizing Workaway, a fantastic way to budget travel long-term and experience cultural exchange if you're up for living with a foreign family and working for your keep and meals. (Everyone's been asking us how that's going--it's excellent--and I promise a post is in the works going into detail!) What this has done for us is, besides the awesome learning experience and chance to live on a little farm in the incredible mountains, is totally cover our basic needs day to day and free up our budget for day trips and adventures. 
Something we've learned about Switzerland is that the public transit system can get …

Story Time: One Does Not Simply Walk to Germany

After a quiet month in Paris in our own Airbnb apartment, it was time for Andrew and I to start shaking things up a bit. As you may have guessed, we had a phenomenal time being lazy, exploring the city, and ingesting as much bread, cheese, and wine as our bodies could handle, but there is more to life. (I know, hard to believe.) We waved goodbye to our little home across the world--it is amazing how quickly a place that felt so new and strange can feel like home--and caught the Metro to the bus station where a Flixbus carried us all the way to Zürich.

Side note already: Flixbus seems to be a company comparable to Greyhound in their service, but from the two data points we've collected so far (a 14 hour Greyhound from North Carolina to New York, and a 10 hour Flixbus from Paris to Zürich), Flixbus is far superior. It was half the price to take the bus than a train, it was a direct journey, and in the grand scheme of a year, losing a day to bus travel isn't really a big deal. T…