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Pubs, Parks, and... Palm Trees?

Bucharest--easily mixed up with the similar-sounding Budapest--is the capitol city of Romania. Nearly everyone back home, and pretty much everyone we met there after hearing we're all the way from America, has asked us why and how we ended up there, and that's a fair question. Americans generally don't know much about Eastern Europe, to be frank, apart from associating it with the Cold War and a few movie stereotypes.

Of course, we thought that was reason enough to come to Romania: we didn't know hardly anything about it.

But there were also a few other variables at play. While there are plenty of more popular destinations in Europe we haven't been to on this trip yet (Greece, Germany, all of Scandinavia, Budapest...), we have to work within our Schengen visa limitations; there are 26 European countries that are a part of the "Schengen Zone" which is the free travel area, and as Americans we are allowed 90 days within a 180 day period to be in Schengen c…

Several Countries Later...

It's been a while since we posted, but not at all because little has happened; we've been jumping around from place to place more rapidly than we were in previous months, covering 4 countries and now 7 cities since the beginning of March. We probably should have been writing and posting more frequently, but now it feels difficult to sum everything up in a post. I'll do my best.

I write to you today from our hostel in Bucharest. It's one of the better-rated hostels, and while the decor is cute, there's a "sky bar" attached, and the people are friendly and social, we've discovered it has more shortcomings than perks. We move to an Airbnb in a couple of days that is costing us the same price as our hostel dorm beds, but it wasn't available any sooner. I'm digging into the self I developed in our car-camping days; the one that can go about a week without a shower and still feel like a human. (There are technically 4 available shower stalls in our…