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Once a Travel Couple, Now a Travel Family

Though my shoulders are sporting a light sunburn from yesterday's stroll, as I write this, rain is pattering heavily on the roof of our Flixbus. We've done a few long-distance journeys with this company, and this is one of the most plush buses we've been on; we're on the upper-level, and the seats recline really far back. It's a little more air-conditioned than I would prefer, though, considering the thunderstorms outside.

Andrew and I are on our way back to Paris for the second time this trip (my third time ever, Andrew's...sixth? Seventh?) after spending a week in Holland with my family. We left Wales--rather abruptly, it seemed, though I don't know if there's a truly graceful way to extract yourself from a situation as intense and time-warpy as that--and spent two nights in Liverpool with my Nana's cousin Brenda and her daughter. From Liverpool, we took a one-hour flight to Amsterdam to reunite with my parents, sister, and honorary brother-in-la…

A New Leg

Since the day we embarked on this adventure, we've had the year to come subconsciously organized into different "legs" of the trip. The two month road trip: an obvious one. Our first three months in Schengen countries. Later in the summer, we complete our Europe leg and make the long journey over to Ecuador. At the moment, we are transitioning from out-of-the-Schengen back into it; from a rainy and windy spring in Eastern Europe and the UK into European summer; but most notably, we are ending the solid 8 month streak of being really far away from my immediate family.

A common phrase both when we said our goodbyes in October and at the end of phone calls with my parents, sister, and maternal grandparents has been, "See you in Amsterdam! Amsterdam is coming! Not long now 'til Amsterdam!" Many months before Andrew and I left, my mom's parents, brothers and their spouses, plus my grandma's sister and her husband all booked a river cruise together down …