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The Adventure

We are a young newlywed couple from Tacoma, Washington, USA living our dream of spending at least a year traveling across America and then exploring Europe, some South America, and wherever else we can. 

Our blog takes you through the several months of planning and preparing for the trip, leading up to our October 6, 2018 departure and current travels! Subscribe by email in the upper right corner so you don't miss any of our ridiculous stories, and follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more frequent photos.

Jump here to read a little bit about how our desire for this trip came into focus.

Jump here for a post about our Honda Element car camping setup.

Jump here for a snapshot of our road trip across the United States.

Jump here for our insight into Workaway, which is a common platform we are using abroad.

The Itinerary

October-November: Road trip from Washington State to New York City, taking a Southern route through Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and North Carolina, and then a bus trip up to NYC.

December: Paris, France

January: Workaway in Thun, Switzerland

February: Italy (Florence, Rome, Workaway near Nardó, Venice)

March: Zadar and Split, Croatia; Sarajevo, Bosnia

April: Belgrade, Serbia; Bucharest, Romania

May: England and Wales

July: South of France

August: Catalonia, Spain; Quito and Cuenca, Ecuador

September: Gulf of California, Mexico

And then we pick up a borrowed minivan and make the drive from Mexico, up the west coast, to home! Who knows how the plans will change as we go, such is the way with budget travel, but that's all part of the adventure.


  1. I found your blog through your parents' blog. :-)

    I love that the two of you planning to do some serious adventuring while you're young. In some ways, I wish we had done the same instead of waiting until we were old and wrinkly. So fun to see you'll start off in Paris. My husband and I honeymooned there. We didn't have much money so we stayed in a very dodgy hotel, but heck, it was Paris! After a couple of days, we spent the rest of our honeymoon backpacking around Europe. Great way to start off married life. Looking forward to following along with your adventures in Paris and beyond.

    1. Thank you so much, and that's definitely great to hear! Any tips you have or must-see places are welcome. I imagine there's something profound about traveling once you've lived a little more of life as well; what a thing to get to "do life" one way and then pick up and do it totally different! Thank you for your comment and for following :)

  2. Hi you two, and congratulations on the wedding and the world touring! I too found this through your parents' blog. Very pleased to see the promise of pennies for Paris. Someday! Bob and I backpacked a bit through Europe (Switzerland, Italy, Austria) in 1996 after 20 years of marriage. That was such a great experience. We have traveled a lot ever since in the US, but not so much internationally - one more Europe trip for me, and several to Mexico (Canada too).

    We learned a lot about each other on that backpacking trip - he will not ever run for a train, and there were big consequences for that. I would jump on any moving object just to keep going so he keeps me grounded. We are good for each other. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much! I think we have already learned a little bit more about each other, but mostly it's been reaffirmed over and over again that we work as a great team. And no fights even after being in each other's company non-stop 24/7 for going on 4 months now!


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