Who are The Blobs?

We are an American couple, married in August 2018, who decided to pause our "normal" lives for a year and travel together.


Except the only people who call me "Jillian" are my coworkers at the paint-and-sip studio or my students at the high school where I taught drawing and visual arts... or my mother when I've done something less-than-ideal... everyone else leaves it at the first syllable.

My life at home in Washington is pretty much saturated with the arts and teaching, which are of course, two of my biggest passions. I believe an education that includes the arts is a necessity, fast evaporating from our public schools, and I want to do my part to ensure it remains available for all students. Horses are another great love of mine; I've been obsessed with those ridiculous critters since I could first sound out the Pony Pals books, have been taking lessons in multiple disciplines for over a decade (shoutout to Tempo Horsemanship), and have been showing since I was about 15. 

The same parts of me that love these things--the satisfaction of a finished painting, watching a student excitedly grasp a new concept, the rewarding rush of a really good ride--are what fuel my drive to travel. I want to grow as an artist and an educator. I want to ride horses through the foreign landscapes. I want to learn from people who live differently than me. I want to understand what matters most in life. 


But nobody calls me that because it's emphatically not my name. (It's Andrew only.)

Currently, I hold a BA in Archaeology, a certification in GIS, and a job as a drafter and survey technician. I recently lived in a house with my fiancee and my two best friends from high school who are now married and pregnant. (I am now married, but not pregnant.) I drive a motorcycle that I have had for about two years. I enjoy cooking (though I don't do enough of it these days), playing the guitar (again, not enough), and craft cocktails (probably too much). There really isn't much to it. 

My life's timeline can be defined by my various "phases," so to speak: archery, airsoft, musical theater, running, sailing, motorcycling, baking... Every year looks a little different. Consider our family culture: my parents currently live on their sailboat in Mexico, my sister lives in Ecuador with her very own Scotsman, and my childhood was full of road/sailing/international expeditions. Put it all together, and the only consistent trend is a lack of consistency, a.k.a. adventure.


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