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A Brief Prelude

Many variables led to the current plan.

Andrew and Jillian met about 5 years ago as college students and started dating soon thereafter. For the most part, the whirlwind of events and circumstances for the next few years followed very much the same path as many others in their age group. Andrew graduated first, with a B.A. in archaeology. Next was Jillian with her B.A. in art and education. Together they made ends meet for a while; moving back to their hometown of Tacoma, Washington (conveniently, they are from the same city), settling into some relevant (Jill) and not so relevant (Andrew) careers, renting Andrew’s parents house (for more information about their crazy adventure, check out Little Cunning Plan) with Andrew’s just-married high school friends (now pregnant, who saw that coming?), getting engaged (“about time,” Jillian might say), and in general things were ok. At least for the most part.

At times, the dust settling is decidedly unsettling, and for this optimistic young coup…