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Getting Back in the Groove

Hello again, friends! It's been a while. Time is zooming by in the way it only does when there's too much on one's plate, and I admit I was shocked when I logged in and realized it's been more than a month since our last blog post.

Saturday was Andrew's birthday, and I miraculously had Friday night off, so we took advantage of the occasion and drove our Element about an hour and a half away to one of Washington's many free campgrounds in the Capitol State Forest. It was so easy to just drive up and find a spot, we are looking forward to this kind of travel in the fall on our road trip. Well, I say "easy." It almost was, but so far in our lives we've been fair weather campers, which means it's been at least 8 months since we were out in the wilderness (and that's a conservative estimate).

This was all a somewhat last-minute plan, and packing after I taught first and second period at the high school was less than organized. We realized as w…