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Definitely Still Bloggers

Perhaps by now, dear reader, you may have noticed a few things: 1) it is July, and our approximate date of departure is hurtling towards us faster than a lunchbox on wheels. 2) We haven't posted in a while.

Is the trip cancelled!? No, as a matter of fact, we have just been incredibly distracted. Work, family, and friends fill most of our time, and planning the wedding fills the rest. Now that you know the truth (and see how relatable we are), I can say that while we have been thinking a lot about the trip, the trickle of progress has simply been slow. Fortunately, much of our planning does not really need to take place so far in advance, and is more... "theoretical" in nature. After all, our flight is not for another 5 months. Some aspects, though, require more finesse.

So far we have made our tentative list of people to stay with during our road trip, and plan to start contacting them shortly to develop a timeline. We are designing our sleeping configuration, and, oh ye…