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Not Always Just Sun and Flowers

I look down at the shower drain and realize I forgot to remove my blister band-aids before getting in, and they now drift feebly at my feet. That was what I forgot while we were at Lidl earlier, because I was distracted trying to find moisturizing lotion with aloe in it amongst the minimal selection, all labeled in an unfamiliar language, so we're still out. (It turned out the aloe lotion was in a summertime display near the checkout. Crisis averted.) I reached down to collect them--I know myself and will forget them there later--but in doing so my elbow bumps the shower faucet handle (again) and the water pressure is suddenly like that of a fire hose and the temperature jumps to scorching. I shriek and turn it down again, because it's very startling, even though this happens every single time due to the absurd smallness of this shower stall. It was this moment it occurred to me that it's all too easy to make our blog posts about this trip sound almost entirely idyllic, w…

Fifty Shades of Rosé

We have already, sadly, come to the end of our Workaway here in Thuir, France. This beautiful little town is just outside of Perpignan, and very close to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Our usual style of travel for Andrew and I is to pick a place that we're curious about or looks interesting, show up, and then discover all the cool things it has to offer. We aren't really the types to do extensive research about a destination (maybe on a short trip, but can you imagine how many hours we'd spend on the internet on a trip like this?) so we had no idea what to expect when we showed up in the South of France.

It turns out, this region of the Pyrenees is bustling with summer activities and bursting with hidden gems to explore. Besides all the concerts and open-air markets and tapas and picturesque beach towns, this Catalan/Mediterranean/French lifestyle is one both of us can totally get behind.

This is our fourth Workaway together. (We have one more scheduled in Spain nex…

A Paris "Crash Course"

Well, yeah, so... it turns out a whole month in December wasn't enough for us. Paris is Andrew's favorite place in the world, and I've been pretty charmed by it too, so it's not hard to reel us back in. Somehow all our gushing about Paris back in the fall and winter was enough to convince both my parents and my Aunt Bev and Uncle Dave to make a stop here after their Rhine river cruise before flying home (and Aunt Vikki and Uncle Bob were here before the cruise, and while I can't take total credit for convincing them to come, I'm sure our blog posts around Christmastime didn't hurt...).

However, while my mom and Dave and Bev had nearly a week to check out this famous city, my dad only had one more night he could really squeeze in before going back to work. While I'm sure he's genuinely curious about Paris for himself, I know the bending-over-backwards travel days he's endured to get 24 hours here is a testament to his love for me; when the oppor…