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Our goal as a couple is to, as cheesy as it sounds, live our life to the fullest. This looks a little different for everybody, and for us it means incorporating travel and adventure into as much of our life together (and in as many different ways!) as possible. 

Right after we got married, we took an entire year off for travel, covering 14 countries, well over 60 cities, staying with 21 different hosts and trying out a wide variety of travel styles. We camped out of our car, stayed in fancy hotels, made friends in cheap hostels, worked for families in exchange for a bed, and more. We took planes, trains, cars, buses, and even bicycles. We stayed in some of the world's biggest cities, and tiny rural towns. 

Now our purpose is to take everything we learned from our year of travel together, continue building our life to be full of new experiences and adventure, and share with others all the ways in which traveling the world is truly possible if you set your mind to it.



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Budget Travel Tips

We've done it, and you want to. Here are some things we'd like to share about how we pulled off our amazing experiences:

Our Packing List

You don't have to start from scratch. Here are all the things we brought with us, what we liked, what wasn't worth it, and where you can find specific products.

Finding Accommodation

Don't look at hotel prices and be discouraged from your destination. We found ways to stay all over the world for cheap and even for free!

The Microcamper

We traveled across the U.S. in our Honda Element conversion. Here's how we made our little home on wheels work!

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Believe it or not, we don't even bother with actual cameras while we travel. 

While there are certainly some locations and moments better captured with the technology a DSLR can provide (and the skill of a trained photographer), we are travelers first and bloggers second... so we opt for our phone cameras and edit using the free version of the Lightroom app.

Our year-long trip was photographed exclusively with original Google Pixel phones (we both bought refurbished ones for super cheap!), though by the end of the year they were barely hanging on and we've since upgraded to Pixel 4's. 

We were also gifted a little phone camera lense and tripod set when we returned, and now have a bluetooth remote to use for tripod selfies! #gettingreal

All this to say, capture your travels however you like, and know that you can get Instagram-worthy photographs of your travels on a tight budget with the right tools!


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